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About us:
Babel offers services in Advertising and Marketing, Branding and Visual Identities, Copywriting and Translation, Publishing, Training and Event Hosting, and Website Development. Although it has clients worldwide, Babel’s business scope has been traditionally focused in Asia. With its team of skilled translators, designers, website developers etc., Babel helps both private and public organizations or business promote regional business interests and brand name reputation.

About our Director:
Mark Hammons graduated from the University of Virginia and has lived and worked in Taiwan for over 17 years as a writer, translator, and branding consultant. He is currently the director of Babel, which provides branding, marketing, copywriting, and translation services to some of the biggest brand names and institutions in Asia.

About our Name:
The name Babel refers to the ancient biblical story of the Tower of Babel, which was said to have been built by humanity as a way of drawing closer to God. Humanity, at that point, was supposed to have been connected by a single language, which allowed them to work together in building this wondrous tower that was to reach to the heavens. Sensing humanity’s arrogance, however, God divided humanity into hundreds of different language groups. Since humanity could no longer understand each other, as they were now separated by their different tongues, work on the tower was left unfinished.

From as early on as the Middle Ages, the Tower of Babel has been referred to and evoked as the symbolic source of all languages traditions. As a language service provide, we here at Babel believe that the name “Babel” is a fitting title to the mission we have set out for ourselves—which is helping clients overcome the cultural and linguistic differences that stand between them and world.