English Resumes for Beta Multimedia Publishing

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Co-written by the director of Babel, English Resumes was one of the first books in Taiwan published by a native speaker to offer an in-depth discussion into the art of writing resumes in English. By teaching non-native English speakers the do’s and don’ts of writing a resume in English, English Resumes was perfectly positioned to meet the needs of Taiwan’s ever growing number of students and working professionals applying for schools or jobs overseas.  

Published by Beta Media, one of Taiwan’s leading test-prep publishers, English Resumes spearheaded the company’s foray into the field of business and professional English instruction. Working with Beta Media was Babel’s team of writers, editors, and designers, who handled the layout, writing, and editing of English Resumes from day one. The publication and commercial success of English Resumes highlighted the ability of Babel to handle large, multifaceted projects, as well as successfully transform promising ideas into tangible results.


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